The Artist

"Turn the Lights Out" 

Deejay Dlite feat. Jenesis Scott

The Engineer

The Engineer

Meant to be played in Quadraphonic sound. Each element was created separately and played on 4 different speakers simultaneously. An ambient experience.

Tour of the Albany capitol building. I did the voice over and created the sound effects and the mix.

Imagine you found a long lost tape about a secret government experiment long forgotten; that is the basis of this project. 

CUBISM: This takes the art genre cubism and translates it in audio form. What do you think it means?

Done with 2 other producers. We each added something without knowing what the others were doing to create one cohesive piece.

What would it be like to talk to someone who exists in a different dimension?

LEFT: Original News Cast 

Before & After

LEFT: Original News Broadcast

RIGHT: I edited the original broadcast to make it convey the complete opposite message


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