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The Mastery Journals are designed to help guide you along your spiritual walk. In addition to the activities there is a Journal section where you can write freely. The calendars and journal are customizable so you are able to start whenever you feel called to. Start where you are! Just start now!


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Acting Coaching

Specialized acting coaching from award winning actor Brandon Hammond.


Specialized acting coaching from award winning actor Brandon Hammond.

Learn how to start acing auditions and booking roles from award winning actor Brandon Hammond! Hammond is an actor/writer/director and creator with almost three decades of experience in the entertainment industry. After national commercial spots with McDonald’s, Apple Jacks, Chevrolet, and Pringles, Hammond became a fixture on the big and small screen with television and film credits that include Menace II Society, The Fan, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, Waiting to Exhale, Tales from the Hood, Space Jam, Mars Attacks!, and the Showtime made-for-tv film Our America to name a few. Hammond’s acting talent were put on notice by tv and film critics alike when he starred in the CBS half-hour sitcom The Gregory Hines Show (TGHS) and in Twentieth Century Fox’s release of the feature film Soul Food.

Hammond will show you tips and tricks that helped him become one of the most booked child actors in recent history! Space is Limited!


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The Mastery Mentorship Program gives talented lower income creatives the opportunity to learn and hone their skills under experienced writers and entertainment industry leaders. Our mentors take a wholistic approach in guiding participants; with the belief: to nurture talent, the whole of a person needs to be nurtured as well. We look to offer guidance to those who don't have access to navigational resources. The Mastery Mentorship Program seeks out the diamonds in the rough in order to help them shine like they are meant to. No one should miss out on their dreams because they can't locate real opportunities. 

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